K.I.T. Group

K.I.T. Group is a global full-service partner for the holistic conception, organisation, marketing and implementation of events of all sizes and formats. As a Professional Conference Organiser (PCO), K.I.T. Group works with numerous international associations and companies from the fields of science, business, politics, culture, and sport to turn our customers’ ideas and visions into reality. We see ourselves as bridge-builders, connectors and enablers and stand for innovative solutions, structured planning, efficient management, and true passion for mutual success.

We are experienced professionals in the global conference and event world. We are adamant about detailed planning, budget transparency, and well-structured action plans. Our complete range of services includes the management of all logistical and administrative aspects of conference organisation.

K.I.T. Group can assist with organisational tasks such as budget planning, sponsor search, and registration so that you may focus on the event itself. Using our extensive experience and highly trained staff, we can bring professionalism and competence to your event.

This is where a PCO, and even more so, a Core PCO, comes into the picture. K.I.T. Group can take care of all these tasks, pooling from our extensive experience and specialised staff. Bringing synergy and competence together to make your event the best it can be#

As Executive Director United Kingdom, I work with an exceptional team with expert knowledge of the full turn-key solution as K.I.T. Group takes pride in its extensive experience in organizing international congresses.

World-Class Venues: We have a track record of securing and managing world-class venues that provide exceptional experiences for attendees.

High Attendance: Our expertise in marketing and promotion has consistently resulted in high attendance rates, making our congresses vibrant and engaging.

Exceptional Speaker Lineup: We have a history of curating exceptional speaker rosters, featuring renowned experts and thought leaders.

Diverse Programs: Our congresses offer diverse and insightful programs, with a wide range of sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities.

Successful Exhibitions: When applicable, our team has managed successful exhibitions, connecting attendees with industry-leading companies.

Conference Management:

As long-time leaders in the field of conference management, we can adapt to your association’s requirements and customise our services to serve your needs. Working with us will allow you the time and peace of mind to pursue your overreaching strategic objectives while we deliver your conference.

Association Management:

K.I.T. Group has experience with new organisations, well-established ones, or those in a period of change. We offer an attractive option to work more efficiently and achieve long-term or short-term goals. Our headquarters serve as your headquarters and a professionally staffed, permanent base for your association.

Public Event Management:

K.I.T. Group has planned and managed social programmes for conferences, meetings, and special public events for 50 people to 1 million. We have the tools, knowledge, experience, and people to ensure every detail of your event is memorable.

Digital Event Management:

K.I.T. Group has more certified Digital Event Strategists (DES) than any other PCO in the world. Adding a digital event to your existing meeting programme brings value to existing audiences and attracts new ones, regardless of location.