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Riverside Museum

Awe inspiring to people of all ages, with prams, trains, trams, buses and bicycles, this collection transports you on a journey that is both historic and personal.

You can enjoy a formal evening spent in this unusual, yet authentic venue where memories have been captured and time stands still just long enough for you to participate in the past.

Intimate functions are held in Kelvin Street, a reconstruction of a typical 1930's Glasgow scene.  True-to-life shops, and underground and a working cinema where you can host a private viewing, are all part of this nostalgic experience.  You can even make use of Glasgow's oldest Royal Mailbox to post a memento of your visit.  All postage is franked as coming from this special location.

You and your guests may also view the Clyde Room, housing scale models of the unique Clyde built ships such as the Queen Mary, QEI and II, reminiscent of Glasgow's proud heritage.

The sight of colourful trams and trains of Glasgow's past, as well as other topical vehicles from yesteryear through to present, entertain guests in the main dining area.

Join us at this extraordinary venue where the 'toys that worked' are as big as your imagination.